Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend & Problems....Or possibly addictions....

Yesterday night I dyed J's hair red...It looked like a murder scene we had a lot of fun with it. My sister enjoyed watching us being silly. It's the first time J has ever dyed his hair so I'm glad I got to cristen him :)

So, I think I have this huge problem....It's not really a bad problem but it's like, I have this really hard time with buying people things...ESPECIALLY clothes. If I see something & it's pretty inexpensive I'm going to buy it. I absolutely love going to old navy when they have sales & I love finding brand new clothes with tags on them at yard sales. I found a lot of things with tags on them-name brand- for my sister & for the kids this weekend..Totally happy. J however, isn't that thrilled at my spending habits on the children. I really can't help it though! I think since I grew up with not having that many "in style" clothes I just want my kids to be able to feel like they never have to feel like they don't have anything to wear. Same thing for my brother & sisters...and I always am keeping my eyes out for my niece and nephew (Adam and Lizzy) especially Adam since he's a string bean and I found some awesome pants for him today. Totally happy about that.

Okay, so maybe I do have a problem..But my problem generally never comes to a total of over $50.00 so that's good...Right?!?! (Minus a few days ago when I spent almost 100 dollars on halloween costumes, but we have 5 kids to buy for)

On a more serious note, all of our bills are paid and this isn't something I do every day or every weekend. I do it at least once a month if that. I just know that when I find a good sale I can't pass it up, these kids are my life & I feel they deserve to be spoiled Knoxville brats.

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