Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is pretty much a completely unrelated family blog.

These are just things that are inside of Momma's head right now & if it offends you, I can't really say that I'm sorry. So, I guess this is kind of my warning to you.

What is it with people? This is a serious question no doubt. I don't understand how one moment you are someones life & someones world and that could be broken in a blink of an eye. Relationships and friendships are basically what I'm speaking about. I'm not really speaking of anyone in particular either, seeing as I've had a lot of 'love losses' in my short time here on earth I've been reflecting on things as such.

It's like, hilarious to me how once you break up with someone or you aren't someones friend anymore they have to say something negative about you. Usually made-up stories or lies, when just a month ago or a year ago you were their rock...Perhaps even their life....and then within a blink of an eye you are shit. Automatically you are the fattest, ugliest, worst person they've ever met and they can't even believe they had a friendship/relationship with you. If your a male your penis is the smallest and if your a female you were the biggest whore. It doesn't matter what age bracket you are in, I've heard this from mouths of 30 somethings talking about ex wives, or friends, or someone elses ex wife.

Nine times out of 10 if I think something is important enough to say to someone else I've probably already said it to you, even if we aren't friends anymore, I still stick by my feelings as far as what kind of person I think you are.  Just because we're not together or friends, your wiener hasn't changed, you're probably still gorgeous as you were before. I have no reason to make up lies, I have no reason to continue to be bitter. I've probably already forgave you when you've just began hating me.

So continue, please. I'm the downgrade, I'm the fat one, I was terrible in bed, I'm a shitty Mother, a shitty wife & I never was a good friend. Just remember not too long ago I was the 360 of that, just because I played along with you, until one day you screwed it up. Whoever you are, that shit doesn't matter to me anymore, and most of you already know it. Some of you don't. Let's live our lives and think of the good times and forget the bad.

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