Sunday, November 28, 2010

How was your weekend? Mine could've been better!

This thanksgiving weekend we were able to surround ourselves with our closest family and have a pretty good time. I drug J out to watch HP & the deathly hallows. So you know, I have had him watch every single movie before that and he hated almost every single one of them, except for these last two. Haha! BUT! While we were watching the movie he had said he may be inspired to read all of the books. We will see about that! I'm the book worm around here but maybe after the room is finished I can get all of the books rounded up =-)

Anyway, the only reason why I think our weekend could've been better is because I really missed the kids a lot. Patrick took the kids on Wednesday (as it is his visiting night) and they have been there since then. I get them back tonight. We actually get all of the kids back tonight! Stoked...Totally.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

50 things I am thankful for

1) All 5 (almost 6) of our children!
2)Husband..The best!
3)The house we own!
4)Food in our fridge
5)My Mom
6)My Dad & Step-Mom
7)My Siblings
8)The rest of my family..That goes for my side and J's side!
9)My JOB
10)My POS car
11)The friends who have stayed true to me!
12)My camera
13)Spell Check (seriously!)
14) Pickles
15)Cartoons that keep the kids semi-busy
16)Family nights
17)The Oceans (the one I saw was soooo beautiful while I was in Oregon!)
19)My wit
20)Being able to laugh things off
21)Facebook (I know right?!)
22)Ugg boots(aka feet clouds)
23)The first present J ever made me.."I will always love you" bracelet
24)My childrens laughter
25)The Non-Kill Animal shelteres
26)Chicago..had so much fun there
28)Good books
30) Our president
32)Chinese food(Joy Garden FTW)
33)The lazers that blast my kidney stones when they wont pass themselves
34) ALL doctors
36)Our troops who have served and are still serving!
37)Big fluffy blankets
38)Sex with my husband
39)Being me
42)Freedom of religion
43)Freedom of speech
44)My cell phone
45)Having Cash monaaaay
46)Having HEAT
47)Wild life
48)BUGS/pests...They keep me with a job :)
50) The ability to come up with 50 things I am thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A year.

It's been a year since J and I had started our friendship. I really didn't expect it to ever go as far as it has (marriage?! having a baby?!) but it has & I am happier than I have ever been. So I guess I could say our friendship started a little over a year ago and it became something more with time.

It started out that he had heard I had been struggling and had been hurt by 2 people that I cared about deeply. My world was falling apart and he was there to pick up the pieces. He, in all honesty, was the last person that I would ever think to be there when I fell. I was a fed a lot of lies & trying to be a good friend & so in return he and I had our very aggressive spats.

What made me reflect on this is it's not only been a little over a year since we started being friends but the other night we were sleeping and we both came out of our slumber at around 1am and talked amongst other things until 3am. It was just beautiful! We have not done that in months. We have had to transition from being depressed and alone with our children to living under one roof & having many children. It puts a lot of stress on a relationship. But we have never quit and never really wanted to quit! It was so nice to just sit up and talk like we once did and kind of re-kindle that "new love" that was always there but was maybe forgotten because of the stresses of life.

As a lot of you know we have a new baby on the way and we are making room for him & our other children! John has been working his butt off for months now to make a new living room for us so we can make the living room we have now, into 2 bedrooms...Giving us enough space for all of our little brats. But the one thing that he had said the night before last when we were up and talking...Was that he wants to paint and carpet the room and not allow me to go in until it's finished..So I can see what he has done because he has been trying so hard to impress me. If you could see what this attached garage looked like and what it has been transformed in to you would understand why I am SO proud of what he has accomplished thus far! Not to mention a year later he is still trying to impress me. I have a feeling years on that he will still try to impress me. That is why I am glad through everything we have both been through we have found our true love. No one can break us down with any comments that they say about myself or him & no one can tear us apart no matter how hard they may try.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'tis the be broke.

Remember when you were young? Some of you have to look back...waaaaay back into the past and remember! (hehe)... I can always remember having a pretty good Christmas when I was young. Under the age of 10 is around where I'm thinking. Thanksgiving was about turkey and pilgrims and giving thanks for your family! Christmas was about church plays, Jesus and GIFTS!

Now to me Thanksgiving is about having to go to 5 different houses and stuffing myself with things I might not like to be polite. Christmas is about spending money that I probably don't really have on gifts that the kids just HAVE TO HAVE and will probably forget about in 2 weeks. Isn't it sad?

As I sit here and stress out over the fact that my 'step' sons birthday is in the beginning of December and then we have Christmas right after that. J nor I get the kids on Christmas this year, but we are doing our "Christmas" on Christmas Eve morning. Not to mention Alexanders birthday is just around the corner in February and I'm supposed to have a baby cut out around that time...Also, Dylans birthday is just right after that. LUCKILY we get a break for 2 short months until the twins birthday, but J and I will be working full time again.................And.......Well.......... See the pattern here? I'm thinking about MONTHS in advance because I'm freaking out about Christmas!

I just need to breath, really, because everyone says Christmas is about Jesus' birth and family togetherness not gifts. But let's face it, everyone probably panics around this time because everyone wants their kids to have the 'best Christmas ever' every.single.year.  Also, no matter how much I try not to "over do" it I'm always going to "over do" it because we have so many children.

I have a plan. Even though my husband is probably the least religious person ever, I still plan on sharing what these holidays to come are about. I just need to not forget myself while we're opening our pocket books to fork out some hefty cash...

Or plan B.

Here is a box, string and a bouncy ball.... You figure it out...Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Since Thursday we have been struck with the flu in our house. Having as many people as we do in our family and 1 little bathroom, it's been pretty interesting. Today we are all still using the bathroom pretty frequently but the puking has subsided for the most part. Aiden vomited a little bit this morning but he has been fine ever since.
I've been trying to 409 everything in the midst of all the nasty & trying to make sure the kids use germ x as much as possible. I know my hands are seriously dried out from it...I can't wait for this to end.
I have so much more to write and so much more on my mind but I don't want to sit up longer than I have to....All I have to say to end this is, I'm so dissappointed in the lack of interest from either non custodial parents on how the kids are doing. That's all. 

Send some get better dust our way please :)