Monday, September 27, 2010

Eventful Sunday! or not....

I have a not-so-happy little girl in a sling in my arms in this photograph! This was at about 12:30am last night after sitting in the ER since 8pm waiting to figure out what the deal was with her arm.

Yesterday afternoon  we all were at Alexanders football game. My ex-husband was there playing with the children as usual and apparently while he was playing with her he grabbed her wrong and A)broke something B)dislocated something or C)sprained something. I'm sitting here waiting for the radiologist to call me and tell me what the dealio is. Mileys got a splint on & she's also got this sling so she'll be out of school for a few days. I feel so bad because we're not sure if it's a growth plate thats broken or what the deal is...I hate just sitting and waiting to find out why she can't move her arm & why she's in such pain!

Aside from that, holy crap! I got a huge amount of messages/comments/responses in general on my last blog. I really wasn't expecting that many people to respond to what I was feeling. It was pretty interesting & comforting knowing that  a lot of people in this world feel the same way that I do about issues such as that one.

I really don't have much else to report; nothing going on currently in my brain :) Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

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