Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween traditions


So, today we got 4/5 costumes for the kids for Halloween. Super duper excited about that! We spent a small fortune but I wanted to make sure that we have what the kids want for Halloween....This happens to be my favorite Holiday so I'm always stoked for this time of year.

 I was thinking about traditions for us and the only one that I seem to carry on is that we have to decorate pumpkins. Either paint or carve it doesn't matter to me. Last year, I shared this with Dylan and Joseph & their Mom so I'm excited that I get to at least continue the tradition with the boys and the other 3 again this year.


I do not participate in any kind of "satanic" rituals or practice anything of witch craft...... as far as Halloween goes. It's just for fun for me and my family. We love to decorate in "spooky" things and dress up for some candy. It is F-U-N, and has no true meaning for me.

Check out this hilarious website I found, in which most of these things I was told and led to believe as a child. Which is why I wasn't allowed to trick or treat & when I was allowed to go to school (thats another subject) I either didn't attend school that day or I was the dork that sat out in the hallways reading a book.... because cookies, candy & the wizard of oz obviously is also celebratory for Halloween and will condemn me to hell as a child of 6.

"If you are a professing Christian, you have no reason to be part of this holy day of Satan. Don't use the old cop out "well every body does it". No everybody is not doing it. God will hold you responsible for what you do this Halloween. Will you go ahead and participate in it? Or will you pass along the word and let someone know what the real meaning is."

Yes, god is clearly going to hold me responsible for getting my children free candy and playing dress up.I just really can't fathom God being so ridiculous especially with the way things are these days! This is the year 2010, half of the people in the USA probably doesn't even know the "history" behind Halloween. Condemnation to hell for ignorance? Eh, that's also another post I'd like to make sometime. But I'll try to keep on track.

I'd rather you look at the not so in-your-face & rather ridiculous version of the HISTORY of Halloween.

The previous website where this man (or woman?) had gave his views on Halloween, he does pretty much get the jist of  the history...But people, seriously, it's just that...HISTORY...This is 2010, if you don't want to celebrate this holiday by all means don't. But don't try & ruin it for others, especially your children. The orgin. of Halloween is *DARE I SAY IT AGAIN..HISTORY*, we made it our own & this crap doesn't exist anymore (the harmful spirits) unless you allow yourself to "provoke" them. Leave the meddling to those psychics, ghost hunters and whoever else that likes to meddle with evil/good spirits and let this holiday be fun.

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