Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How important are extra curricular activies to you?

there are a lot of things for kids to do after school these days. anywhere between art club to football. in our family we've discussed that we feel it's important that there are things for the kids to do other than sitting and watching tv & playing video games.

My ex husband(patrick) is a huge sports fanatic, so he's always thinking of new things for Alexander, Aiden, & Miley to be in.My eldest son, Alexander, played soccer for 2 years and he decided he didn't want to play anymore so this year we're doing flag football.

Alex was going to do boy scouts this year but we weren't able to make the meeting so i promised him that we would make it this year.

my husband and i have discussed getting the younger kids into some kind of sport this coming spring & we decided that we could start them into doing something i'm familiar with (soccer) so we're considering signing the 3 younger ones up. the only conflict with that is we have alternating weekends with the other parents. However, patrick has no problem taking them to their games on the weekend that he has them. in john & i's divorce both parties have to agree on things such as this! i don't think it should be a problem though. i don't think anyone of us would ever want to keep the children out of something that the kids seem interested in.

miley has said "sometimes that she would like to do cheer leading." i'm not sure about that part but something that is associated with that is gymnastics which I'm most defiantly thinking about. i always wanted to do that as a little girl and in our family we weren't  able to afford the lessons.

the challenge that i feel that we will face as the kids get older is who is going to want to do what and when. i have a feeling that we're going to be constantly running. whether it's because one is doing art club, choir, foot ball, so on and so forth...I'm almost positive we'll have conflicting schedules. just another joy in being a large family. imagine how it's going to be with graduation :)

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  1. AWESOME NIKKI!! You are both great parents and I am so proud of the mother and person that You have become!