Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trying not to "pick favorites"

My husband and I have had a recent discussion on "favorites."

I had been feeling pretty bitter lately about how he gives my "step" son, Joey, special treatment. By the way, I probably wont use the word "step" in any of my blogs after this. I hate using that word and anyone who is probably reading this already knows that Joseph & Dylan are my "step" children. SO! back to the issue at hand: favorites!

I say that he favors Joey out of all of the children & he says that he does not. Although, he has admitted to being more sensitive when it comes to him because he has had such a rough past. My husband, John, had a very messy divorce & still continues to battle is ex-wife regularly. So of course, it effects Joseph & Dylan. More so Joey. I can most definitely understand that issue, but meanwhile there are things that are completely unrelated that he may get "babied" for.

Then we got onto the topic of how I treat my first born son, Alexander, who is six years old. My husband says that I baby him more than I do the others & of course I say I do not. I let Alex get away with a lot more than I do the others, it has been said!

So we took the time to reflect on how we treat our kids and we treat them in different ways. So actually, we're "babying" ALL of the children. Alexander gets "special treatment" because he's the oldest, Joey gets "special treatment" because he is the most sensitive, Aiden gets "special treatment" because he doesn't catch on as fast as the others, Miley gets "special treatment" because she's the only girl & Dylan gets "special treatment" because he is the baby.

Sometimes it's really hard to maintain a blended family especially when there are so many of us! I get very ticked off and so does my husband at times. But with us, the good outweighs the bad and THAT is what keeps us going.


  1. I am so happy to see a blog for your family. I think it will do you some good. Special treatment is going to happen because each child is different like you said. The important part is that you love them all.

  2. I don't think there's anything wrong with "special treatment" as long as each of the kids gets it. lol You know what I mean. I always felt like my dad gave me special treatment when I was little because I was "daddy's girl" while my mom gave my brother special treatment because....who the hell And my brother and me were always cool with it because, in the end, we both got special treatment. So don't worry, it's all good! =)