Monday, January 30, 2012

Usually I have the Monday blues but today was an exception. I thought it was going to be a rough day for sure when we woke up 45 minutes later than usual. That only left us with approx. 30 minutes to get six kids and ourselves ready before we were off to school and work. It was quite interesting but I am happy to say we accomplished without any problems.
Things have been going so smoothly lately around here it's almost a little unnerving. This past weekend with the children was peaceful. We dubbed Saturday nights family fun nights. The kids were looking so forward to it on Friday and early morning Saturday. I think that it is wonderful that the children are wanting to spend more time with us as parents. It's especially important in this day and age to spend more time as a family. We eat as a family, we watch movies as a family, and now we will be having our fun night to ensure we get a good amount of fun time with our children. Afterall, they are not going to be this little forever. They are going to become teenagers and Mom and Dad wont be cool anymore to hang out with. They will have their own friends and their own problems to focus on. I pretty much can wait for that day to happen.

I have been reflecting so much lately on how much the kids have changed. The kids are forming their personalities more and more every day. It's so hilarious to watch it. Gavin has started to throw quite the temper tantrums which I am sure will become worse (*cross fingers* hope not) as he gets older. I can blame it on my husband (haha) because I remember another little boy that used to throw awful tantrums (and sometimes still does) and that would be Mr. Joseph. Roy! Dylan will be 3 soon, Gavin 1, Alex 8, Joey just turned 5 and the twins will also be turning 5 this summer.

Dylans progress with things has become so amazing. John and I work with him every day on his speech (he talks better than most even 3 year olds I've seen) and his colors, numbers, so on and so forth.

Joey has started to read things. John and I have been working VERY hard with him on that as well for the past couple of months. Today he read "no parking" at the school today and I was so proud. He did it all on his own. I think that he is going to be another bookworm like Alexander, which is awesome.

Alexander scored high on his reading test in school. He scored extremely above average and of course I was all boasting about it. He got straight A's on his report card & so this weekend J is taking him to the monster trucks which I hope they have good bonding time with.

Aidens speech teacher is very impressed with Aidens improvement on speech. He loves doing his "spelling words" (speech words) at home with me and I love doing it with him. We will on occasion have a conversation where he will slip up and say "no" instead of "snow" but his "s" is doing impressively better.

Last but not least, Miley Mae. Miss Miley Mae is wanting to be a big girl and do a lot of big girl things. She is always up my butt and fighting for a position with me since Dylan and Gavin are constantly on my lap or following me around. We have been doing a lot of "girly" time lately. So I am hoping that helps her feel more important. It must be hard living in a house full of boys.

Well---I am rambling on now and I need to go get some laundry done. I hope everyone has a fantastic week and thank you for reading

Mrs. Roy

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My goodness it's been such a long time!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted a blog in quite awhile. I really have not had much to talk about lately. But there are a lot of changes going on around here that I am very happy to report!

First of all, Christmas went well. The kids were more than happy with their gifts as was I. It was a great holiday week spending time with family and friends.

So we have a new member of our family! We adopted him last week. His name Is Jester & he is 3 years old. John and I had entertained the idea of getting a dog for awhile. After the fiasco with our cat I was very reluctant. But after talking, J told me that we should just go for one breed of dog (that being a Labrador) and I concurred. So we went to the human society and looked at all of the dogs.

I was amazed at the amount of terriers they have. It made me quite sad. I am not a pit bull fan at all & I think that you have to have an acquired love for dogs such as that. Their was a black Labrador there that we were almost certain we were going to get. He was a little hyper because he was a puppy still so I was slightly nervous..He also was not potty trained. The woman told me that she would show me Jester but they currently were not looking to have him adopted because an accident happened because of a dumb ass volunteer. The dog had been attacked my other dogs and had sever wounds on his legs and throat from pit bulls. However, he had been doing better!

So in my experience of picking out our perfect family dog....Jester stole our hearts. I actually cried being the big sap that I am. I had never see a dog hug a human being before but he did. He hugged J and I cried and we knew that he belonged in our home!

Overall he is a good dog. We got his history in the mail yesterday, poor baby has had his name changed. He goes by "buddy" and he also goes by "Jester" he had been in the humane society of fulton county before which broke my heart. He had been given up not once but TWICE. Poor baby. We won't give up on him!

In other news...Things that are going around here are:


I can not express how tired I am of hearing about farts, buttholes, balls, and weenies. I am tired of the kids getting up, running around, throwing food, just acting like pure neanderthals. Not a big fan. So we have recently enforced a rule, if you get up, you go to bed. If you do not ask to be excused, you go to bed. You will eat dinner alone. It came to that extreme because the children decided our rules did not matter anyway and they would continue to be disrespectful at the dinner table. Here we are going into week two? of enforcement of table manners and the children are asking to be excused, if they want more they say "more PLEASE" and THANK YOU and they also throw away their extra food into the garbage and put their OWN dishes in the sink. I call this a victory! The butthole and fart talk isn't as bad but hopefully it will quit soon....I have noticed dinner tastes so much better when you don't have to hear about poop, too. (haha!)

Well it's about time for me to sign out. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Roy