Monday, January 23, 2017

Four years of no blogging????

I am so disappointed in myself. I had let myself succumb to keeping quiet about my feelings and let go of what I had been such a fan of...Blogging.

I read my last post. Holy crap...It literally was an eye opener as to what I have been going through these past six or so months.

If you read my last blog post from 2013, I had expressed my differences between myself and my ex husband and his well-known drug addict girlfriend soon to be wife......

Three years later I would be the victim of her resentment. Extreme resentment.

I had trusted her all too much. Her coming to me and my family at sporting events talking our ear off (us knowing she was high & just dealing with her) to her just simply down-grading Parick who rarely ever looked my direction. It was mainly just her.

My ex husband stopped having contact with me the year I started blogging about it. I stopped having direct contact with my ex husband because his wife seriously thinks that I want him back. She honestly thinks that we will be a thing once again because I long for it. I would rather slit my own throat that be back with that man, but I also would rather co-parent with him rather than her. I literally have had to go through her as far as parenting goes and that's where my problems began.

From years previous this woman had vowed to either put me in the ground or put me in jail somehow. I NEVER took her seriously. Except for when she tried to take my kids from me and unfortunately my ex-husband followed her way.

So anyway...

The end of  2016 was trying for me as a Mommy. I spent over 2,000 dollars to get my kids back and into therapy no thanks to their Father and his wife. I was able to try to re-build my relationship with my kids....Thanks to them. I am stronger and better than ever before. I know that when the point of your enemies is to break you.....I came out stronger than before. I was totally victimized as being a person who had been assaulted as a child and my ex tried to make that out to be an excuse as to why I wasn't fit to me a Mom...and IT MADE ME STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE.....So THANKS to those who try to persecute me....THANKS to his FAMILY who tried to RUIN ME....YOU WERE WRONG AND MY CHILDREN LOVE ME NOW MORE THAN EVER.....THANK YOU....SO MUCH...for trying to pretend to be there for me...AND THEN..turn your backs on me...IT'S BETTER TO KNOW WHO'S TRUE and who's not.