Friday, September 17, 2010

This, that, & the other!

Just a few things to ramble about:
 Ramble numero uno: I am pretty lucky to have all 5 children but when my weekend comes to have no children I'm pretty damn relieved. I get a break every other weekend. Joey & Dylan go to their Mothers & Alexander, Aiden, & Miley go to Patricks house. By Sunday I am always missing them all ,but I really do enjoy the break. Of course I'd better enjoy it while I can because soon we will have "ours" all the time!

 Ramble numero dos: Last night while my husband & I were laying in bed we were talking(like we do frequently when it's nice and quiet) about how life is and how everything panned out. We were talking about marriage, kids, & our unborn baby. How things went so very fast but so very right. I sometimes sit and think and sometimes still 'can't believe' I'm having another child. It hasn't been too long since I've taken care of tiny babies but I'm so terrified that I have somehow forgotten how to do it! While that's probably really unreasonable It's a serious fear of mine! 

Ramble numero tres:  A friend of mine has been reading this book called parenting with love & logic from birth to 6 years. I read some of the examples online last night from this book because I was curious about it...It seems like something I want to purchase and try. 

Last night I kind of tried the technique on the kids when it came to that fun time called bed time. My eldest son, Alexander, we really don't have a hard time with. He whines a little bit when it comes to bedtime but not too bad. It's the three 3 year old's that are the worst. So after we discovered that the TV in the children's rooms are ruined, which by the way we only discovered while they all were panicking that they couldn't watch Toy Story and running around like they were about to cease to exist......We figured out that one of the children had poured an entire bottle of cleaner into the TV. I asked who had done it, and Miley said Joey did it. So, I asked Joey if he had done it and he had said he did and became very upset.

I was very angry by that point but I had decided to try something different. I told Joseph, Aiden, & Miley that they have 2 choices. They can either go to bed when I tell them to go to bed from now on or they can choose not to listen & J and I will not be getting them another TV for their rooms. They ignored me & chose the first option at first & when I said fine, no TV then, they finally went upstairs without hardly any problems.

It seems like these days physical punishment does nothing, screaming is not only unhealthy but it also does absolutely nothing and time out is something you can't use frequently before it becomes routine, so I HAVE to try something different before I drive myself insane. I don't think this technique will work with all situations but I do think it will work with most situations. All I know is, I'm very open to new suggestions & I am ready to get this book & try to work things out around here.

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