Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So you're probably thinking I'm crazy but I have seriously been wanting to pick up a hobby for the past couple of weeks. My problem with finding a hobby to do is finding the time to actually do something worth while. I guess I have picked up 'blogging' has a hobby but it's not really something I can show for it. I want to work with something and be creative. So, I looked at some ideas online for 'working moms and hobbies' and I found a lot of neat things...But I had a sarcastic comment to go with every single thing.

Scrapbooking  I don't feel like spending hours and hours on something the children will find and destroy..again.....(I would like to invest in a shelf) 

Knitting  Hi, I'm not 60.

Crossword puzzles are for squares?

Flying a plane  Oh yeah, I have one of those in my back yard?!?

Blogging  Sweet....Already do that one!

The list goes on and on and on...Basically it was a lost cause for me. I miss taking tons of photographs, my computer that I had died and J's computer is pretty much the oldest piece of junk ever, so that's kind of out of the question.....I need some ideas!

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  1. What about sewing? You could experiment with making your own clothes! ;)