Thursday, September 16, 2010



Never have I ever been a morning person. You could probably ask anyone who knows me well enough to know that I absolutely loath the mornings! Do you know what I hate most now about the mornings? The fact that I can't drink COFFEE!!!!! With my lovely kidneys being in the condition they are in...annnddd the fact that I am pregnant.....Coffee is pretty much OUT of the question. Even a damn mountain dew would do but nope, "Soda is a treat now."

Okay, back to what I was wanting to talk about in the first place before my rant about the lack of caffeine in my life....Around here we have a night routine like I posted previously, but we also have a morning routine. Our morning routine needs a little bit of tweaking because it's pretty much lacking in organization. To save myself some time I get all of the kids clothes ready the night before. Does anyone have sock trolls? We have sock trolls around here. I'll spend at least an HOUR trying to find socks for the kids. That's what I always miss about summer...SANDLES!

Anyway, our motivation(or lack there of):  Not one person in our home is motivated to get dressed or make sure they have what they need for school (back packs..bags..etc) So we're constantly searching for these things minutes before we need to leave. So in return I'm stressing the heck out, my husband is stressing the heck out, and I'm sure the kids are thinking it's pretty comical to see two people running around hollering..WHERES THIS...HAVE YOU FOUND THAT?????

Ok so you are probably thinking, well why don't you just lay everything out like you do the clothes? Yeah that sounds great and all but I already do a lot the night before! I try not to do a system overload here! Refer to previous discussion!

I think it will always be like this though, I think every large family has hectic mornings. I enjoy the chaos some days..Other days I could do without.

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  1. I LOVE reading your blog, Nikki!!!! You have a wonderful way of writing! THANKS for letting us get a glimpse of what your life is like. =) LOVE YA!

    Oh, and as for the caffeine: I feel the same way about red wine...I miss having a glass of red wine every once in a while! Haven't had one in over a year because I "gave up" alcohol when we knew we wanted to ttc, and now I'm breastfeeding, so no wine for me until next year. =( BUT it's all worth it because it's in the best interest of our child. =)

    Love, Anni