Thursday, October 14, 2010


"I know nothing of philosophical philanthropy. But I know what I have seen, and what I have looked in the face in this world here, where I find myself. And I tell you this, my friend, that there are people (men and women both, unfortunately) who have no good in them--none. That there are people whom it is necessary to detest without compromise. That there are people who must be dealt with as enemies of the human race. That there are people who have no human heart, and who must be crushed like savage beasts and cleared out of the way." -Charles Dickens

I have posted something before as to how adults should act in public & how as parents how we should teach our children how to act in public. What about behind closed doors? When children are at home they tend to "act out" a little more than usual. The same goes for adults, it seems. I have recently noted that not only are some actions in public quite disgusting & rude....At ones home they can be disgusting and rude...So how do you teach your children to act in a kind manner for say, a guest? Even if they do not like them? Obviously you can not make someone like another, but there is something that is called tact-which it seems to me some people have forgotten how to use.

"Actions really do speak louder than words.  Parental role modeling helps teach children to be caring and kind.  In fact, some studies show that children can show signs of empathy and concern from a very early age.  In other words, parents have the power to nurture, guide, show and instill -- to teach kindness, responsibility, and gentleness in a rude and violent world."

I am not a saint, I can not claim that I never have been disrespectful even when someone "deserved" it...I was a teenager once. But there are times, even more so now, where I have to learn to vent later & be an adult and mind what I say.Even on my own property & even in my own home. It does not make me a wuss, it does not make me anything but someone who is NOT in the mental bracket of a spoiled 15 year old, which is also known as a responsible adult who knows what manners are, especially at ones home.

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