Friday, October 22, 2010

Residential Custody.

I love the fact that all of the children live with us....It's such a blessing & also a rare thing for J to have custody like he does. We leave in a judge favoring women world and that's why it's such a "wow" deal.

However, sometimes "joint custody" feels like it doesn't mean anything sometimes. I have my children 84% of the time and John has the boys 64% of the time. We buy pretty much everything for the kids. Grant it I get 75 dollars every week for child support (but $75.00 doesn't go very far) and a huge unfortunate bullshit deal (but had to be done so J could get what means more than money to him..his boys) he has to pay his ex wife child support (even though he has residential custody...that kind of goes with the woman's world deal...a sob story about a gallon of milk a day goes far.) It is up to us to buy mostly everything for school, winter coats, etc. It doesn't seem fair, but that's how it is, and it doesn't bother me as much anymore as it did at first... probably because I loveeeeee shopping for the kids, haha.......Not to mention we are  very blessed because if for whatever reason there is something we can not get at the time, we always have family that will helps when we need it.

Also, something I tend to forget quite often is that I have 100% custody of Alexander, my eldest, but he tends to go in with that "joint custody" since Patrick DOES include Alexander in everything. I do count my blessings though. A lot of women are left to do everything on their own, as a lot of my friends do, and they do not get a dime from their children's "Fathers"....Same with a lot of men. A lot of women walk out on there children for their knights in shining armors & you have those men that are left to be Mom & Dad.

I'm not sure I even have a point right now, I'm just kind of jotting things that are going on in my mind.

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