Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to act in public.

   So we've had at least one or more temper tantrums happen in the grocery store, mall or elsewhere with every single child that lives in our house at one time or another. Or one of the kids decided to not exactly use their inside voices. These are things that we have to gradually teach our children between what's appropriate and what isn't appropriate. Unfortunately, there are far too many parents in this world that do not think of teaching their children these sorts of things.

    Friday evening we took my sister, Alyssa, to the quad cities to get her homecoming dress. The particular store we were in was filled with some of the most obnoxious people! I seriously could not stand it. They were all teenagers and some of them were with little babies(I'm ASSUMING  their own children), acting like little babies. It was quite sad, actually. Not only were they rude to myself and anyone around them, they were loud and a few were pretty insulting. I'm really glad that we found my sisters dress pretty quickly because I felt like I was going to explode on someone.

     Sadly on a daily bases we all have to deal with someone who lacks the ability to behave.Wether it's someone you know, or someone you do not know..It's inevitable....and it's sad especially when those you are surrounded by are adults. Which is why I definitely want to make sure that the children we are raising in our home aren't one of those adults or teenagers, so we will lead by example.

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