Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family fun

Thanks to Aiden for frosting the cake...Except he was mainly concerned with sticking his finger in it!

So anyway, I've had some serious blogs the past couple of days & I am really enjoying the messages I get on here & facebook about what I write. But today I'm going to try to write more about less-serious things and talk about fun things that we do as a family.

We usually try to have a few family movie nights a month. The other day we watched How to Train Your Dragon. John & myself loved it and all of the kids loved it, we all thought it was SUPER cute! I think Alexander liked it more than the others because he can understand it more, since he is older.

Sometimes when you have so many children in one home with differently likes and personalities it's hard to pick a movie that will interest them all or an activity that will interest them all. What are some things that you do as a family that everyone seems to enjoy? We enjoy things from coloring to reading stories to watching movies to decorating cup cakes...Share some of your ideas with me, please! I'd really appreciate it!

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