Thursday, October 7, 2010

Super stoked to see our baby today.

Well, we had our ultrasound today to determine what are little penguine is...oh BOY it's another BOY! I'm totally happy that I got to see our little guy. J & I both were really rooting for a girl, because we both think that we need less testosterone in this house...But alas we are adding another boy to the mix. He was totally awesome, he kept sticking his little hands and fingers into his mouth & was doing flips and flops we're lucky we even got to see the weenie. Speaking of weenie, this kids weenier is pretty huge! No mistaking this one :) Not to sound inappropriate or anything!

We haven't told the kids yet. I think Alexander & Joey will be excited though. They wanted me to have a boy even though every once and awhile Joseph would say that "he had a baby sister in his belly" but I think it will be alright. Miley sure is in trouble though. 5 brothers to kick whatever boys butts that try to make a pass at her!

The name we had previously picked out for the little man was Ryan Benjamin. But I felt like it wasn't right so we both decided to go with Gavin Benjamin. It really wasn't hard for us to agree on a name, the other name I really enjoyed was Grayson, but J didn't like that one very well.

I'm excited, now we can start buying little things here and there for our little booger.

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