Monday, May 16, 2011

Words of the wise

For whatever reason I have been crying daily. I simply get overwhelmed with anything and everything. I really am not a person to show my emotion on my face. It's quite annoying that I have been weeping about everything so I am hoping to get it fixed. Lately at work I find myself not getting what I want to get done for the day. We have a computer system now that I am slowly but surely putting customers in, my brother in law just started working there about a month ago, and I also have Gavin. So to say the least things are getting organized but not at the pace that I would like for it to go. I think I am repeating myself, because I may have wrote or said something along these lines before.

I'm trying so hard to do well at what I do. Between keeping Gavin happy at the office, trying to make doctors appointments and get various other things done during the work day some days I'm just a big baby. I value what my husbands family says and thinks of me and when I don't think I am doing a good enough job here lately I have been getting upset, lol, but not for one minute does Grandma Bessie(or anyone really) make me think that I am not doing a good job. As a matter of fact she had said something to me the other day that made me smile from ear to ear that I just have to write about.

Grandma B told me that I was such a good Mother. A lot of people tell me that (and not that I don't value the positive feedback I do get from others) the fact that this woman who doesn't really like that many people (lol) told me that I am a good Mother just made me feel wonderful about myself. She said it with a smile. She tells me how lucky I am to have the kids I do and I do feel very lucky even when they are driving me insane. I am trying to keep going and trying not to get stressed out over things that can be easily fixed...and I'm not sure WHY I am getting so upset so easily...It could be hormones, maybe? I did just have a baby 3 months ago...Even though it feels like so long ago when I think about it, but when I say that my little baby Gavin is 3 months old (today, infact!) it seems impossible.

Speaking of Gavin, he is calling for me....I hope everyone has a fantastic week :)


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