Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, I just decided to write a bit...

Today is Dylan's birthday, he is two years old! We have 3 birthdays so close together it's pretty crazy and exciting at the same time. Today we celebrated his birthday with family and had a lot of fun! Tomorrow we will be taking Dylan for some special time with us to the Discovery Depot. I am really excited about this because I know that he will love it there. Alexander, Aiden, and Miley love it there..I wished that we could take all of the kids there but I figured it would be the perfect time to do some just Dylan bonding.

Aside from that everything is going pretty well! Gavin is still a wonderful baby! He is content with life and that makes me content with life haha. He deals with the other kids noise rather well which is awesome. He does not get bothered by sounds and stuff so we don't have to worry about saying "shhh! the baby is sleeping!" Very luxurious!

My husband and I have decided to go on a low carb diet. We have both struggled with our weights these past few years. He lost a good amount after he and his ex wife had split and I had done well too but then we both gained back, I got pregnant, and he gained along side with me (although I had only gained six lbs) I have lost 33 lbs so far and he has lost 12. I am so glad that we are doing this together..It makes it so much easier on myself to reach my goals if I have someone along side me rooting for me. ONCE AGAIN he has proven to be my rock and I'm so grateful.

This Friday my Mother has so graciously offered her Grandmothering (haha I know that's not a word) services to let John and myself have some us time. I am so excited for this! I am very nervous like I always am with my kids to leave him somewhere but I know he will be fine. I think it will be really good for us if we can do this at least once a month...Have our 'date night' if you will! Keep us going :)

Not much else is going on in our family...So I am out! Thanks for reading!

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