Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'll try writing again...

It took me 3 tries to try to write today! Between Dylan having to go potty several times, Gavin crying for Momma to feed him, my husband calling asking about dining room tables, Mother in law to talk about our 'meet Gavin' shin dig that will be happening soon, needing to call Patrick to take Aiden to the Dr. for a possible ear infection, Joey talking about Diablo in my ear and how much he wants to play it and Miley's supposed date with Justin Bieber here I am.....

As you can see everything is just as hectic as usual! I am so exhausted right now....I didn't get much sleep last night between Gavin being up a wee bit longer than I expected and I had my brother and sister stay the night so my Mom could stay up at the hospital with my Grandma and Grandpa...My brother and sister were up making noise so I could not sleep.

To add to the stress of every day life my Grandpa is completely on his death bed right now. He has several things going against him right now and there is no way out of it. Either he will get better on his own or he will not...More than likely will not. He has said that he is at peace and wants to be free and I whole heartedly believe that now he is wanting to go that he will. They will be getting hospice for him and I think later on this evening is when he is supposed to go home. I have heard nothing but great things about hospice so I am very relieved that they are going to take care of him like he should be taken care of in the comfort of his own home.

I haven't broke it to the kids yet. I don't think they would understand, and with Alexanders new found fascination/terror of death I don't know how to bring it up to him....How do you explain to young children that their Grandpa is going to die very soon? I don't know. Joseph has really come to love my Grandpa since we started going fishing out there last summer so I don't know if he will be kind of heart broken about that too..Luckily enough he is young and probably would not take it as hard as say Alexander will/would.

On a much happier note...
Potty training Dylan is going rather well. He has NOT been in a diaper at all. I haven't even put him in a pull-up yet today. He is staying in underwear or running around naked. He had one accident today but other than that he has been using the potty chair quite frequently. I am glad that after Dylan I only have one child to potty train ever again. Potty training is both joyous and very annoying! I'm hoping that by summer he will be fully potty trained and that we will be able to cut our diaper cost down to one child in diapers...What a wonderful day that will be!

John and I's dieting:
Our carb diet was not working out. We have decided to count our calories and still not drink soda. I know this is kind of hard for J because he drinks Pepsi and Mountain Dew like it's going out of style...But he has been doing pretty good so far. I've shown him the light of bottled water and flavoring...(0 of everything and tastes wonderful) Diet soda is okay on occasion.......Anyway..... We haven't gained anything but we have not lost anything more than we already had lost.... We have talked about getting a treadmill for the house and I think it sounds like a wonderful idea since neither of us are able to make it to the gym. So our weight loss journey continues! It's not going good but it's not going bad. We just have to keep pressing on!

By the way...Those of you who are reading this...If you have not received a invite to a "Meet Gavin" party please contact my mother in law or myself  if you think you should've got one. If you have got one please contact my MIL or myself and let us know if you are going to make it...Hope to see you around :)

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