Monday, February 21, 2011

Update Update Update!

I've got about 10 minutes to write this so I will make it short, sweet, and to the point!

First of all, my first born Alexander is SEVEN now. There aren't any words to describe how crazy I think that is! He has grown so much and it seems like so much has changed these past seven years. We celebrated Alexanders birthday with family and friends on the 12th. We had a lot of fun playing a game of bowling and he got a strike so he was totally stoked about that. It really didn't cost as much as I thought it would so that was awesome!

Then, as most of you know, I was scheduled to have my c-section on the 16th and I did. Gavin Benjamin was born at 7:45am and he was 9 lbs 2oz and 21 inches long. He simply was perfect. J and I could not be more happy that now our family is complete. The awesome thing about this birth was I actually got to kiss my son when he was born. The anesthesiologist was my best friend, she spoke up for me when I wanted to see my baby! Our family is now complete!

I did have a tubal ligation. While I sometimes touch my belly and kind of feel 'empty' to know I will never harbor a child there again (I say that and get teary eyed) I know that is how my husband and I want it and it was a good decision for our family.

Breastfeeding- I am not breastfeeding anymore. I tried breastfeeding for 3 days and John and I both decided that it wasn't for me. I tried with Alexander and I was young, going to school, etc etc I didn't continue. With the twins I did not try at all and this last time I was very excited and pumped and ready. But after the 3rd day and my breasts were blistering because he wasn't latching right, he wasn't getting anything at all, he was sucking so hard his poor lips bruised, and I did not sleep for anything...We went to bottle. I cried for a very long time. Not only did I feel like I was letting my son down, I felt like I was letting my husband down and my self down. It was not an easy decision to make..It was one of the harder ones I've had to make.

The rest of the bunch- Alex, Aiden, and Miley got the opportunity to come up to the hospital and see us. They seriously loved Gavin so much (as they still do ) and I am glad they got the experience. Joseph and Dylan did not get to share the same experience because they were battling an upper respiratory infection. But as the other parents weekends ended on Sunday the boys and the rest of the kids got to come home. Dylans first words were "hi baby!" then soon after "shut up baby!" But now he is coming around more. He really loves to hold him after taking a few hours getting used to the fact that there isn't a baby in my belly anymore and that it's in our house. Joseph still hasn't held Gavin yet. He is being very shy...Every once and awhile I will catch him looking at him and he will talk about him to John, but that is about it. I think it will take him a little while to adjust to another boy in the house. I was kind of worried at first that they didn't show any interest like the other 3 did and still do...But I think its just going to take some time.

Well, this took a little longer than I wanted it to and it's time for me to get off and spend some time with my wonderful husband who has been very supportive and helpful to me! I love you!

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