Monday, March 21, 2011

Drive a wedge between us...

Honestly, my marriage is close to if not perfect. John and I get along so very well! We are a match made in heaven. We are both dorks, have the same views, have the same goals in life and various other reasons on why we are so good for each other.

I could understand why certain people would like to drive a wedge between us. Some people are upset about the lives they live or the lives that they had once lived and they like to do certain things that really are unnecessary Not only does it make me feel sad for them, it also brings me some anger to know that there are some people.out there that would do anything to try to mess things up...Try to ruin others happiness because they are unhappy....

That being said, people outside of the box so to speak aren't the only people who seem to try to drive a wedge between J and myself. The kids are trying to get between us sometimes and it's very frustrating especially since maybe they don't quite know that they are doing so.

For instance...More often than not the kids will go to the other parent when the other says no. This drives J and I insane. If Alexander asks J to get on the computer, and he says no, and I will be in the other room, Alex will come and ask me and usually I don't care so I will say yes. OR like today when I told the kids that they needed to get some fresh air and not be locked inside of the house instead of playing inside on the computers Joseph threw the biggest fit known to man and I told him fine you can go inside and not do anything. I had just had a lovely time at the store with Joey and bought him a brand new toy that he picked out...Anything he wanted money was not an option. But as soon as I did not give him what he wanted at home he turned on me instantly. I told him OK well I guess we will hold on that new toy and we will stay inside and be bored and NO, he may not get on the computer (these children are obsessed with the computer..GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY FOR CHRIST SAKE)

Anyway...So he went to J...and told J that he would be good and wanted his toy after giving me the same line, and J gave it to him. I looked at John and told him that I JUST told him that he couldn't have it today and he said he was sorry, didn't know....and asked if I wanted him to take it away from him. Well of course not, I am tired of being the bad freaking guy and being the only disciplinary here. I don't want my kids to grow up and think that a fit will get them what they need to get through life. It may work for some people but those people aren't respectable. I'm always the bad guy because usually I will bet he one that says no, and J says yes...For all of the kids. I get pissed of sometimes at John because I feel that if he knew that Joseph...Or Aiden...or Miley or any of the kids have been jerks that he should catch on that a reward wouldn't be in order. So there is that wedge. How do you work through it? Communication, which usually J and I have a very good communication line EXCEPT for when it comes to how we are going to raise our children. I love my husband to death but he's a push over and I am not MOST days. I am not perfect and I know this....I'm just so very annoyed at the fact that our children have mastered the art of manipulation. It's not something to be proud of it's something that is annoying and something that will most definitely need to be worked on.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today :) Enjoy my rants.

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  1. I can understand your frustration. I am always ALWAYS the bad guy around here. For the mere fact that if I were to punish Seth for whatever reason,or tell him to go to his room,Seth will go running Brent. Depending on the punishment,Brent will hug Seth telling him "It's ok" Are you serious? You really just did that? Yes,Brent does punish Seth,but I can't stand the fact that Seth gets comforted every time I punish him!