Saturday, November 6, 2010


Since Thursday we have been struck with the flu in our house. Having as many people as we do in our family and 1 little bathroom, it's been pretty interesting. Today we are all still using the bathroom pretty frequently but the puking has subsided for the most part. Aiden vomited a little bit this morning but he has been fine ever since.
I've been trying to 409 everything in the midst of all the nasty & trying to make sure the kids use germ x as much as possible. I know my hands are seriously dried out from it...I can't wait for this to end.
I have so much more to write and so much more on my mind but I don't want to sit up longer than I have to....All I have to say to end this is, I'm so dissappointed in the lack of interest from either non custodial parents on how the kids are doing. That's all. 

Send some get better dust our way please :)

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