Sunday, November 28, 2010

How was your weekend? Mine could've been better!

This thanksgiving weekend we were able to surround ourselves with our closest family and have a pretty good time. I drug J out to watch HP & the deathly hallows. So you know, I have had him watch every single movie before that and he hated almost every single one of them, except for these last two. Haha! BUT! While we were watching the movie he had said he may be inspired to read all of the books. We will see about that! I'm the book worm around here but maybe after the room is finished I can get all of the books rounded up =-)

Anyway, the only reason why I think our weekend could've been better is because I really missed the kids a lot. Patrick took the kids on Wednesday (as it is his visiting night) and they have been there since then. I get them back tonight. We actually get all of the kids back tonight! Stoked...Totally.

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