Tuesday, November 23, 2010

50 things I am thankful for

1) All 5 (almost 6) of our children!
2)Husband..The best!
3)The house we own!
4)Food in our fridge
5)My Mom
6)My Dad & Step-Mom
7)My Siblings
8)The rest of my family..That goes for my side and J's side!
9)My JOB
10)My POS car
11)The friends who have stayed true to me!
12)My camera
13)Spell Check (seriously!)
14) Pickles
15)Cartoons that keep the kids semi-busy
16)Family nights
17)The Oceans (the one I saw was soooo beautiful while I was in Oregon!)
19)My wit
20)Being able to laugh things off
21)Facebook (I know right?!)
22)Ugg boots(aka feet clouds)
23)The first present J ever made me.."I will always love you" bracelet
24)My childrens laughter
25)The Non-Kill Animal shelteres
26)Chicago..had so much fun there
28)Good books
30) Our president
32)Chinese food(Joy Garden FTW)
33)The lazers that blast my kidney stones when they wont pass themselves
34) ALL doctors
36)Our troops who have served and are still serving!
37)Big fluffy blankets
38)Sex with my husband
39)Being me
42)Freedom of religion
43)Freedom of speech
44)My cell phone
45)Having Cash monaaaay
46)Having HEAT
47)Wild life
48)BUGS/pests...They keep me with a job :)
50) The ability to come up with 50 things I am thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

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