Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'tis the season.......to be broke.

Remember when you were young? Some of you have to look back...waaaaay back into the past and remember! (hehe)... I can always remember having a pretty good Christmas when I was young. Under the age of 10 is around where I'm thinking. Thanksgiving was about turkey and pilgrims and giving thanks for your family! Christmas was about church plays, Jesus and GIFTS!

Now to me Thanksgiving is about having to go to 5 different houses and stuffing myself with things I might not like to be polite. Christmas is about spending money that I probably don't really have on gifts that the kids just HAVE TO HAVE and will probably forget about in 2 weeks. Isn't it sad?

As I sit here and stress out over the fact that my 'step' sons birthday is in the beginning of December and then we have Christmas right after that. J nor I get the kids on Christmas this year, but we are doing our "Christmas" on Christmas Eve morning. Not to mention Alexanders birthday is just around the corner in February and I'm supposed to have a baby cut out around that time...Also, Dylans birthday is just right after that. LUCKILY we get a break for 2 short months until the twins birthday, but J and I will be working full time again.................And.......Well.......... See the pattern here? I'm thinking about MONTHS in advance because I'm freaking out about Christmas!

I just need to breath, really, because everyone says Christmas is about Jesus' birth and family togetherness not gifts. But let's face it, everyone probably panics around this time because everyone wants their kids to have the 'best Christmas ever' every.single.year.  Also, no matter how much I try not to "over do" it I'm always going to "over do" it because we have so many children.

I have a plan. Even though my husband is probably the least religious person ever, I still plan on sharing what these holidays to come are about. I just need to not forget myself while we're opening our pocket books to fork out some hefty cash...

Or plan B.

Here is a box, string and a bouncy ball.... You figure it out...Happy Holidays!

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