Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It was like having a newborn again.

Now that I have downed an entire monster zero, cleaned 90% of my house (dishes beware) now I am sitting down and trying to keep awake and keep going...........I decided to write a blog because I have not in quite sometime in this neck of the woods. Sorry for anything that might not make sense or any typos you might come to :P

I've got some PBS show on TV, Joey running around with a NERO sword in his underwear with a toy drill in the side pretending to kill zombies...A baby that is sick (hence the sleep dep.) and all of the rest of the kids are doing their own thing. I kind of feel like I am on vacation since nothing is going on at the moment HAHA!

So anyway, last night about 11pm I heard Gavin in the other room with his barking cough. Then struggling to breath. I woke up, checked his temp, gave him some meds, and crawled back into bed. Barking coughs later, I brought him into bed with me laying on my chest. I turned on a hot shower at some point I am not sure what time so we could get some steam going on. Went back to bed, and after Tossing and turning and being restless I decided to let my husband alone and go downstairs. After being downstairs and finding myself getting frustraited I decided to call the hubby on the phone and tell him I need him to come downstairs with the baby so I can at least get an hours worth of sleep.

He was irritated as much as I was all day long. I took Gavin to the doctor and he has croup which sounds terrible itself. I remember when Alexander had gotten croup before I obviously was a new Mom and I really thought he was going to have to be hospitalized! I think the only other child besides Gavin and Alexander that I've had to do that with is Dylan. When Dylan was about 10/11 months old I remember staying up all night with him when he was sick because he had that icky barky cough and then I do recall maybe last year he may have started to get that cough but John and I caught that pretty quickly.

Anyway, enough of this sickness stuff. I wanted to let you know that I am having such a fun time with these kids in school. They are growing and learning and it's just so amazing to me how well they are doing. Well, most of them.

Aiden is struggling a little bit more than I would have liked him to. I have been working on him a lot more than I work with the others simply because he is just not on the same leval as Joey or Miley. He is all over the place half of the time and he doesn't seem to remember things that I have already went with him. Although a praise is: is writing is improving. He is forming his letters right and he is grasping on to certain site words now which a week ago he was not even doing.

Joseph is my little reader, which I wouldn't have suspected any differently. He and Alexander are best friends and Alexander is always constantly reading. I teach him his pop corn words every night (site words) and he knows them all. I'm far too impressed with how he grasps things and I am very glad that he got his quick learning from his Father!

Alexander, as always, is doing fantastic in school. He is doing something called RTI and he can't stop talking about it. He got a "caught being good" card today in school. One of his buddies named Kacie wanted to be a part that he was in this play they are doing in RTI, and he gave her his part even though he wanted it, too. What a gentlemen :)

Miley is on par with everything she is supposed to be doing. She seems to be more concerned with social status at school though, which terrifies me because this is Knoxville. Kids are harsh everywhere but when you live in a small town like this you tend to have a bit more harshness twords one another. We shall see.

Dylan is doing very well too. He is getting compliments on how well he does things and I am always getting good feedback when I ask how he has done for the day. We have just recently learned how to set a table :) That is one of his "extra work" things that he doesn't have to do but we choose to do because it's good for him :)

Aside from all of this updates from the children everything is going rather well. My husband had just had to re do our plumbing. We had a HUGE problem where tree roots were growing into our plumbing. We didn't have proper plumbing for a day or two and were going to the restroom/taking baths at relatives homes. I was so glad when we didn't have to do that anymore. You NEVER know what you have until it is gone, let me tell you. My husband deserves a huge award for being able to pull off a six thousand dollar job (professionally done) for just about 300 dollars. The plus side is I got a new bathroom floor out of it ;)

Well y'all this is all I have for now and I thank you all for reading and I hope that you have a fantastic rest of the week!


Mrs. Roy

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