Friday, September 21, 2012

Master Mom

 I didn't go to work for very long to day because the children had SIP day at school. I offered to take my best friend Jenny's son home today so she could get some much needed things done.  I got a nice pot roast in the crock pot and cleaned up a little and now I am relaxing. Since their wasn't much work to be done at work (it's near the end of the season) Jay was able to come home a bit later and help me with the kids. Right now he has taken Aiden and Dylan out on a misson  to find some nice dinning room flooring.

Family Stress:

As usual around this time of year Jay and I get stressed out. We are trying to save our pennies so we can get thru the month of October. Since my husband has to pay maintenance in the form of child support (lol) to his ex wife and he hardly gets a "base pay" check anyway it makes it rough.( Oct-April Jay and I are going on unemployment since our work is seasonal) But we always get through it. This year seems to be a little different since we have taken on a lot of home improvements (Tuck pointing the house, re-doing the plumbing/flooring, just to name a few) we have a five year plan for our home in what we would like to do for it and it just seems like our goals aren't being met as fast as we had planned. He and I have been together going on four years in December and lived together almost over two and a half years and we've really wanted to do a lot more with the house than we have. SO besides money problems and home improvement quotas not being met we have been a little bit on the assy side to each other.

It felt really nice today when he just grabbed my face really hard and planted one on me. He told me everything was going to be okay. That really made me smile, because I could feel that spark of romance that is there but is just so buried in stress! I also felt at peace. I really felt like everything was just going to work out and be okay. I know that it always is okay. I guess the stressors of having such a big family are finally really really settling in. We are doing the things we've always wanted to do and have the things we've always wanted to have which also needs to be in with being on top of our bills and being the ones to get whatever the kids need at all times.


Tomorrow I have two games at the same time, Grandparents day, two birthday parties, and need to do my sisters hair for homecoming! I think I will be turning in a bit early tonight!

Well, the husband is calling me from LOWE'S about flooring so I shall go.

Mrs. Roy

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