Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Love my Husband.

So,with the permission of my husband, I am going to post my scavenger hunt because I thought this was the most thoughtful & romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me in my life.

J hands me a note that reads: " Since the beginning of us I have loved you true. Go back to the room where love began with me and you."

( I found the second clue in our old bedroom, which is now Alexanders room.)

2nd clue: " From this room our love grew, I was lost till I found you. Something else began to grow with our family as you know. This little thing now grows slow."

( 3rd clue was on our magnolia tree which we planted last year as our family tree)

3rd Clue: "We fell hard for one another. We live for all of life to discover. Our love for our babies knows no limits. For this little thing we bought for them once made them timid."

(4th clue was found on our swing set)

4th Clue: " 2 little boys who you didnt have 2 love now play here and call you mommy. Go find these 2 and tickle there tummy with them lies your next clue and remember they will always love you."

I walked into the living room and the boys said "Thank you" to me and handed me presents. One was two charms for my bracelet that are Miley & Aidens birth stones, A picture frame that says " Mothers are angels with invisible wings..." and a card signed by Joey and Dylan (Note: The other 3 kids are at their Dads so that's why they didn't participate J would've incorporated them if they were home!) The card had a woman dressed up as a super hero (by the way, by this time I was bawling my eyes out) Have I told you that you are my hero?  and on the inside it says but in a non-cape, non-tights kind of way. We love you Mommy signed Joseph and Dylan.

My next clue was in here that read: " From here out I was positive you were my soul mate. Take this little gift and you dont have to go far. Your next little clue is in the car.

Car clue: "Without you it's hard to breathe with my vows to you I can never leave. I need you now as much as then now its time you come to find me and this pen."

So I walk in the door and my husband is smiling the best smile I have ever saw him smile...and hands me another card (which also made me cry very very hard) and it read:

Trying to describe
My love for you
is like trying to capture the universe
in the palm of your hand.
It can not be done...
Because my love, like the universe
is vast and without end.
When we're apart, I ache for you
counting the endless minutes
until our lips will meet once more,
and the passion that burns within us,
smoldering always,
will ignite and set the night on fire.

The inside read:  You fill me up in every possible way... and the pleasure we share is beyond anything I ever imagined. The day I first laid eyes on you was more than simply a dream come true; it was the day heaven came to earth and stayed.....Always yours Nicole. I love you most. John.

So trying to catch my breath I thought I was done...But there was one more clue inside of the card. "It said At long last you found your way to me. I am your husband and always will be. Come now and have a glass of wine enjoy all the peace and love you may find."

On the table was a glass of wine and a peace and love necklace from the open heart collection from Kay Jewelers that I had been wanting for a REALLY long time. So of course, once more, I continue to sob and hug my husband.

This has been one of the best days of my life, my love, and I am so happy you are in my life. I will never forget this day. I will shout to the world my love for you. I love you John. Always and forever.

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