Monday, June 13, 2011

The Casey Anthony trial.

 Since this case came out I did not pay very much attention to what was going on with it. But these past few weeks I have found myself obsessing over what was going on with it. I have been reading what is going on, watching the case daily, and also I have been looking at past videos on youtube from when this case first came out. I have my very own opinions on this case and I will have everyone know that my opinions are obviously not facts..SO please take that into consideration.

While seeing the IM's between her & her 'boyfriend' it made me see that she regretted the fact that she even had her daughter. She was always trying to think of different ways that she could get rid of her.(as far as getting a babysitter) By the way she spoke about her life she felt caged.A little girl she always referred to in her IM's as "the kid" and "little snot head." To me that does not show that she was a loving Mother. All of the photographs that she had with her daughter were all fake in my opinion. It was a photo opportunity for Casey. They were not genuine by any means. A loving Mother may joke and say things like "Little monkey" or "my brat" or something along those lines...But "The kid" and "snot head" seems pretty cold hearted to me.

My question is: If the Nanny was not real it makes me wonder who really took Caylee when she said that she was with the Nanny? In the conversations she spoke of how she was going to drop the daughter off to the Nanny? But I guess it never spoke of how she actually DID go to the boy friends house so I guess that information we would never know. We all know that the Nanny was not real. The stories that she told of the Nanny were 100% made up on the spot. We all know by now that all these insane lies that Casey Anthony has told her family & Police, show that she is a pathological liar. A pretty good liar, but not a smart one.

It is what it is; Casey Anthony is a liar. She lied about her job, her friends, and the fact that Caylee was even alive. She sent her family and police on a wild goose chase looking for a little girl that wasn't even alive. What I don't understand, in this whole situation is how can one possibly believe that this little girl drowned in a pool in her parents back yard? While everything else is a lie? The Nanny kidnapped her. Lie. She said she told only her friends Jeff and Juliette about Caylee's disappearance. Lie. Jeff & Juiliette are not real, either. So many things are not consistant..So many things are lies. 

Why on earth should the jury believe that Caylee drowned in a pool?..Because honestly, who the hell does not call 911 when their child is floating dead in a pool? and who the HELL goes out to party after said daughter went "missing" AKA  was murdered? It's apparent that she was murdered. She had duct tape wrapped around her with a heart sticker. To me the heart sticker shows some kind of sick compassion...Like, I loved you...But not enough to keep you alive..Sorry......

Now the question is: Did Casey do it alone. Did Casey Anthony single handedly kill her daughter and let her rot in a trunk? Then put her body in a wooded area only a few minutes away from the Anthony home? Evidence states that for one, that there was a horrible smell coming from the trunk of the car. Not to mention that the flies found in the car showed that she could have been stored in the trunk for 3-5 days. The defense is trying to make it seem like garbage could have been in the trunk of her car...But why would they find hair, smell, and flies? Trash does not smell like a dead body. Fish and other dead animals, sure. But why are you carrying dead ANYTHING in your car for 3 to 5 days? If Casey had been assisted by her Father like so many people think she has been, from his previous profession, I think he would definitely not have been as sloppy as Casey had been. Casey is an ammature killer to say the least.

Point: I think Casey killed her daughter on purpose. Probably in one of her little fits that she shows us she has almost every day in court. I used to maybe think it was an accident but after all of the lies & evidence going against her I definitley think that she killed her daughter. She wanted a life and she thought killing her daughter would do it. At least she got two thing out of this: Out of all the men and women in the world that kill their poor children every single day because they are selfish & sick people...She's getting all the attention she could ever ask for & her freedom away from her daughter. I hope she is happy with herself. I hope that one day she admitts to what happens. But we all know that will probably never happen.

 A sad but true fact I had found on a website:
.In the United States, 189 woman currently await execution on death row for murdering their own children. 

May these children rest in peace & may all of you Mothers out there who do not want their children: There are many families out there hoping and praying for a child to care and love for. Give them to them. & for all of the Mothers & Fathers out there hold your children tight and Thank God every single day that you have them & that they are alive.

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