Monday, April 18, 2011

Be a good noodle

It's very hard to keep things in order around here as I have said before. The other night I had completely had it with the kids. They had been terrible and I was sick of the hateful words flying out of these kids mouths towards one another.

So, my husband and I decided that we wanted to start something called the "Good Noodle Chart" (Thanks for the idea, sponge bob square pants) and thus far it has been working out quite nicely.

It seems that something so much as a star sticker has been more exciting and devastating to them. If they have a good attitude towards something, or do something that we asked, or anything good in general they get a star. Every 5 stars they earn, earn them 1 dollar towards something...Whatever they want to buy at the end of that "Good Noodle" period. Whenever they are doing something not so good, they get a star taken off and they have to watch the star being removed in punishment for whatever they have done. So far that's been biting, hitting, screaming, not listening when told something...You get the picture. It seems to be working effectively and it's a huge relief for J and myself!

Besides all of that everything has been going swell. I am so excited and pumped for Easter. I'm really wanting to do something special this year since last year I don't think we ended up doing anything at all. I bought the kids all new outfits and I want to kind of give them the meaning behind Easter and then give them the opportunity to know the 'fun side' of Easter (Easter bunny, receiving gifts..etc) My husband and I had talked about things that we had wanted to get the kids and I think we decided on a cool family gift. We are really thinking about getting an XBOX and getting the Kinect. The Kinect is like a wii but for XBOX. The kids can play dance games and various other kid-friendly movement games perfect for a rainy or too hot day! That's just an idea though I don't know if we are going to run with it or not.

Well, that about sums up everything I wanted to say. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday if I don't write before then.


The Misses

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  1. I am glad the star system seems to be working so well!

    We have a Kinect and even Seth is able to play games. Like the sports games. It's super fun.