Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday To Our Boy.

Today is our son Joseph's 6th birthday! In this photo he is 8 months old.

 On every single one of our children's birthdays I always sit back and think of the years past. I remember all of the good times. I can remember every booboo every hug, every kiss, every word, all of these cherished memories.

I have been given the opportunity in life to be there for all the years of Josephs life. Although I may not have been his Step Mother for all the years of his life, I feel blessed that I have had the ability to watch this boy grow.

Joseph was two years old when John and I had started to see each other and at the time he was hardly talking. He had called me "Binkti" and he loved cool cars and his Dad. The bond that Joey and his Father have always had is one that not many Fathers these days share with their sons. And that is what I love the most about Joseph's personality is that he has love for people and making people happy and he always has.

As the years go on I have watched this big eyed boy grow into such a young man and it seems like it has happened so fast.

My husband and I are always astounded at the new things he may learn. When he comes home from school, he kicks his shoes off, and asks to get started with his homework for the day, we know that he has grasped responsibility. The detication that he shows to his school work lets me know that that the morals/work ethics that Jay and I are trying to instill in our children are sticking and to be honest that warms my heart!

So, last night I had the idea to blow up a ton of balloons and have him wake up to the floor filled with it. This morning, Jay and I walked into his room and Gavin had started to holler because he spotted all of the balloons. Joseph started to giggle that still boyish giggle, when my husband started to kiss him and I started to tease him asking him "what the heck is going on in here?!" He announced that it was HIS BIRTHDAY and really wanted to go down stairs to make the announcement to his other brothers and sister.

What a blessed day this is, to have our six year old wake up happy and healthy.

My husband and I were talking about how in six months we will have 3 six year olds. Six months, three six year olds for six months. BRING IT ON 2013 ;)

Mrs. Roy   

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