Thursday, November 22, 2012


I totally didn't do a thankful for every day. Although I am thankful for something every day and not just in the month of November, I will just say this: I am thankful for the gift(s) and opportunities that God has given to me. When things weren't going right and wrong paths had been taken I was always driven in the right direction. I am thankful for my Son Alexander, who may have came very early in my life but he took me away from a life that I can honestly say I don't know if I would be alive today. I am thankful for my twins, because they helped me grow and helped me become a better Mother!

 I am thankful for lost relationships because they lead me to the love of my life, Jay. I am so very thankful for my husband John because he gave me a place to live when I had no where else to go. He showed me love in a way that no one else ever had before. He showed me the love a Father had for his children when he tucked them in at night. He showed me the love a step-father has for his children when he tucked the others in at night!

 I am also thankful for the three gifts that he gave me, Joseph, Dylan, and Gavin. These three boys helped complete my want for a big family and gave my other three children awesome brothers! We took our chance with Gavin and I couldn't think of a more amazing big blue eyed long eye lashed baby to put that finishing touch to our chaos!

 I am so thankful for my job because in this day and age money is hard to come by. What are the chances of my interview at kmart being sabotaged (lol stella, remember that?) turning into a job with a wonderful family? I seriously have never met a more caring and giving family than that one. They were there right away when I had moved in, they always help to this day with anything that they can. I honestly could never repay these people for the love they have shown me and my family! And the only thing that they ask for in return is respect and love and that is something that they not only deserve but that they will always receive from me!

 I am thankful for my Mom, and my brother and sisters that are always there to help with the kids when I need to work and my Grandmother for doing the same. We have our own little group up here and we are strong and a good family in that way.

I am thankful for Jared and Deborah. I am so happy that I wrote them and they came into my lives even when they didn't have to. I am so glad that I had found you two and that you have became the Dad I never had and that awesome Step Mom. I am thankful for every conversation, our meetings, our cards, and especially that you guys got facebook and texting so it's easier to talk everyday VS. letters haha..Technology!

I am going to try to wrap this up now. I am thankful for my TRUE friends that have stuck beside me no matter what has happened in my life. I understand that I haven't always been the most amazing person to be around. I understand that I may have not always been the best friend that you could have asked for. I understand that I might not always see you, or talk to you, but you people know who you are to me. I don't need to name anyone because you know who you are. My very few true friends, and I am thankful for my new friendships that are blossoming as well. Don't worry, I didn't skip out on ya.


Mrs. Roy

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