Monday, December 24, 2012

...but we've been good!

Well, here I am. It's Christmas eve and I am writing a blog from my phone. It's been a week since I've been healthy. A week since I've been able to say that I felt great. I've had influenza that turned into an upper respatory infection. And four our of six of our children have been diagnosed with influenza. Never would I have thought that we would be suffering from this mess. I am so anti shots, and yet here I am...wishing we all would have gotten the flu shot. It's Christmas eve and we've all been down Nd out. Between fevers and administering meds we haven't had much time for Christmas spirit. .......this morning santa did visit our home and that did bring a little joy to our house. It was nice to see the kids s, team, smile, and laugh. John and I both needed that. Gavin has rsv.and pneumonia by the way and he is doing substantially better. we have been receiving so many get well wishes I wished that they actually made us better. But it is nice that people care enough to check on us. So Anthony, ho hopefully I will be done feeling sorry for myself and perk up enough to bring some music hand.cheer to the house. I've got sleeping Dylan on my lap and he finally stopped having.fever and I need to stand up and take a break. Gavin is about to have a stroke that someone else other than him is on on that note I'm out of here. Merry Christmas yall. Xoxox Mrs plague.

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