Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another day another day another day

So the year has almost came and gone. It's November already & I can not believe it. The kids have already grown so much & it's amazing how it happens right before our very eyes.

Alexander- What is there to say about my straight A student? He is the only 7 year old I have ever met that isn't allowed to read books that are 'of age'. He is required by his teacher & the Librarian that he reads 4th grade and up books. I can seriously pride myself in how smart Alexander is.

Joseph- He is learning how to read things slowly but surely. J & myself have been working very hard at asking him how to spell certain things. One day he drew me a picture and wrote "Mom" and I was simply amazed that he figured it out. He knows how to write & spell everyone in our homes names. He is working on spelling other words such as cat & dog. He will be 4 soon & J and myself are trying to plan the best birthday yet for him.

Aiden- He is getting so much better with his speech. His speech therapist is very pleased with how quickly he is improving with his speech & is applauding us at home for working with him. He has started to write his name & recognize letters as well. A huge step forward for my sweet boy.

Miley- She has been such a Mommys girl lately. She also can spell and write her own name & she has been working on writing "Mom" and we are working on other words as well. She wants to write "Dad" and "John" but those are still yet tricky for her.

Dylan- I have been trying really hard with potty training but getting no where fast. I am telling my husband that we really need to eliminate the diapers & pull ups completely. He can speak clearer than any other 2 year old I have ever met and I know he comprehends more than most. Also, I have been working with him on being more independent. I am trying to teach him to put his own clothes & shoes on without getting frustraited. Even if he puts things on backwards it is a huge start from hearing "I'M the baby, I can't" and he cries. I'm sure while he still feels like he should be the baby, he will be starting pre-school soon and this mind set that he has is simply not going to work.

Gavin- He is going to be nine months old soon (insert sad face here) I can not believe this is happening. He is mobile but not quite how he should be. Instead of crawling he rolls around everywhere....He is eating stage 3 foods and he still does not have teeth. He is working on waving hello and goodbye...(we have got him to do it JUST a few times!) but all in all he just Gavin. He is smart, silly, and just beautiful.

Things for J & myself have been slightly stressful lately. We aren't fighting more than usual or anything like that. There has just been a lot of 'outside' problems that have been stressing us out. I'm sure it will get better soon, though!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Mrs. Roy

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