Thursday, November 17, 2011

What is happening in this chaotic house you may ask?

The same old thing, really. 

No, actually right now we are in the midst of potty training Dylan. He turns 3 in March, and while we have tried potty training before and buying pull-up after pull-up, I decided that it was time. I told J that this week since I would be having Dylan at work with me during the day....That  I REALLY REALLY would like to concentrate on Dylan and the potty. With my money giving and GaGa's M&M dispenser, it's been helping a lot....So, So far so good! We have had up to six accidents a day but today we have only had two. I know that he is ready to do this because he has been going to the potty by himself (today) and he clearly wants to potty. So wish us luck on that because I would like for him to be about 80% or fully potty trained by Sunday.

Mrs. Roy

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