Friday, October 7, 2011

Our family update(just incase you were wondering)

Ahhh, so I have been entirely too busy to sit down & write & I have the next 15 minutes alone so I shall see what I can come up with without being completely boring!

So a couple weeks ago the kids' pre-school teacher came over for a parent-teacher home visit, to speak with us about the kids. (More like, I talked to the teacher, the teacher talked to me about the kids, while J would say a word or a nod, lol.) Anyway she brought it to my attention that she noticed that Aiden's speech is terrible. You can understand him some what but mostly you can not understand a word he says. So anyway, she referred him to a speech therapist and she gave me a list of words and things to work on at home with him. He had his first meeting with his speech therapist after our meeting two weeks ago, yesterday, and I am happy to say that she said that he is improving and to keep up the good work at home!

Nothing really major has been going on in our lives lately. Everything has been going pretty smooth. Alexander is in cub scouts & doing awesome! Joseph, Aiden, & Miley are about to finish up with their first soccer experience, Dylan is as rotten and sweet as ever, and oh oh yes Gavin sits up by himself and he is way of transportation is to roll around everywhere...I guess he decided to screw the crawling business and roll, lol. He will be 8 months old on the 16th. I have no idea where these past 8 months have gone but I would like for my very last baby, ever, to stop growing up so fast!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend & I will try to write more...Promise =-)

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