Friday, September 9, 2011

They are watching you.

Our children, our little brothers, our little sisters...They are watching every single move we make. Any time you do or say something you are influencing these little people around you.

My kids pick up on some hilarious things and not so hilarious things. Being the blended family that we are we can not always control what our children are subjected to, we can just hope that the other parents have enough sense not to let he children be around negative speak or acts.

Just recently my step-son Joseph has started calling everyone a bitch. I am not sure why he has done that because my husband nor I use that kind of language towards each other. And if for any reason we do say something like that we DON'T say it around the kids talking about someone else. He could have picked it up anywhere, really, I mean he does go to school. He does stay at his Mothers house every other weekend and he does watch television.

It just amazes me how children are sponges. They are learning something new every single day.

"Any parent wants their child’s life to be really smooth and that their children should not face many difficulties in life. They want to share all their life experiences with their children because as known by all that prevention is always better than cure. Firstly one should teach their children to be well mannered and even humble and down to earth. One should be humble so as to survive in this society and maintain good relations with people all around. If a person is not humble and well behaved then nobody would be friends with such people and such a person would have no stand in the society. Thus it is the duty of the parents to teach their children how to survive in the society. Parents should make sure that their children are well mannered and should know how to talk to their elders. Children should be taught to be really very adjusting and humble. Teach the children certain basic rules to survive in the society
Children should be taught to greet everyone in the family. Teach them to wish good morning when he wakes up and good night before going off to bed. Make this a part of his daily routine. This is considered as good manners."

While we are trying to teach our children to say please and thank you we also need to be teaching our children the importance of respect when they are speaking to us. At home when I tell the kids to do something, I expect a "Yes, Mom" or a "Yes, Nikki" (normally it's a yes Mom.) Yes ma'am and No ma'am I feel isn't necessary but from time to time I will catch one of the kids saying so to myself or J (yes sir, no sir)

7 times out of 10 our kids do not even listen to us the first time and when we are explaining to them something, and we do not get our results, there are consequences to those results. and an acknowledgement is necessary when we are done explaining. (thats where the yes mom and yes dad come into a effect)To many families are letting things "slide" and when you let things "slide" you have the child screaming at the top of his lungs and telling you to shut the hell up in the middle of the grocery store. Or the child (even adults do this! I am regretfully guilty of this one from time to time) that shows no respect for the elder walking like a snail in front of them, and whizzed by them  instead of asking if they need help, or giving them the TIME they need to get to the same destination you are trying to go too.

Most mornings Miley is the one who is known to say Good Morning to every one and every once and awhile we can get Aiden to do the same, and Dylan to do the same, our older boys haven't found that politeness yet and it's being worked on. I often wake up in a terrible mood and I myself find that mornings are miserable. So in return the kids are going to make it A LOT more miserable...But then again, my Mother was the same way and I'm sure she still is the same way. Mornings aren't her best moment in her life and we always were miserable in the mornings (love you Mom)... It's amazing how a simple Good morning could perk someone up and how still to this day I am a grump ass in the morning, so to speak. If we teach our children to be pleasant and to be happy they are awake and alive and its a new day, it's something they can pass on and on and on and on!

So many parents just get through the days with their kids. Wake up. Breakfast. School. Home. TV.
There are no family traditions or values or anything passed on. We live in a Jersey shore, facebook, and PS3 world. Where family nights means everyone is stuck in front of the boob tube watching the newest episode of the Kardashians or Spongebob instead of playing a good ol fashioned board game or just TALKING about their day..or rough housing..or anything like that...and in return our kids will be content with doing that with their children and before you know it, family will mean nothing. My husband and I make a lot of effort to make sure that the children know the importance of family and I hope that in return our children will do the same with theirs when they get older!

So just be aware. You are being watched!

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