Monday, August 15, 2011

Shot gun wedding

The day I got married to John was one of the most happiest days of my life. I enjoy the fact that there wasn't a lot of extra money spent on something for our 10 minutes of fame. We had our Moms and Dads and my Grandparents come. It was very special to me to have my Grandpa sign as a witness as well as my friend Amber.

However talking to my almost sister in law today about weddings and planning and what not, I got a little sad that my wedding day wasn't a little bit more extravagant. My husband and I had planned on having a small wedding with very close family and friends. But when we ran into the problem where his family is so large that we did not want anyone to feel left out. We also ran into the problem of finding someone to marry us. I did not want a religious wedding at all. I didn't need to bible versus or any of that...and getting a JOP to come out and do a wedding is a little bit more harder than you'd think. So as our first anniversary has came and gone I was thinking to myself about having another bigger wedding some day...A mile stone wedding. 10 years or something like that. I'm not talking big white dress and spending thousands of dollars but I would like to have something where we can say our own vows to each other and celebrate 10 years of marriage. Especially since these days it's so hard to come by a marriage that has lasted that long for people in my age bracket. I don't want it to be tacky but I just want something to celebrate our love for one another and share our words and have our close family and friends there with us to celebrate that fact that we have made it. J and I have gone through very rough divorces (I mean, usually divorces are rough) and I just feel that it would be something to be joyous about, right? It's not tacky is it? I don't know...And I'm not even really sure I care that much...and it's not going to be something that we will do every decade, just the first one!

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