Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A new school year for the kiddos

Alexander started second grade on Friday, as hard as that might be to accept, it's true. I can't believe that my eldest child is in the second grade already. I am not sure where these past years have gone but I am sure scared to blink as I am afraid that the next 7 years will go by more quickly. I am savoring every single moment with my children. The good and the bad. The days where they drive me crazy and the days that they are perfect little angels.

Aiden, Joey, & Miley started their second year of pre-school today. I am excited for them especially for Aiden to work on his name and other important things for kindergarten! Miley also needs a lot of work and Joseph seems to be doing exceptionally well, which makes me very confident that he will breeze through this year and be more than ready for Kindergarten.

I am glad that Patrick has been able to make it this year to all of the kids first day of school because he never has before.(because of work)...It is a wonderful experience to share with your children no matter what age. I was slightly sad today when Joseph only had John to see him off to school. I know that I was there, and I know that I am important, but I just wonder if he tends to wonder why only 2 out of the 3 of the most important people in his life was there. Maybe he did not care, he didn't express that he cares, so I could be over thinking everything as usual!

OK SO on another big note! Joseph, Aiden, and Miley have started soccer! I am so excited for the three to get into sports. Miley didn't seem to like her first practice. I think that maybe she will end up liking it after they play actual games, but she might not. I am hoping that since it was so much money to put her in she might make some type of effort and then if she decides that she never wants to play again that is fine with me, we will find someone more "girly" for her to be in. I'm thinking tumbling because she is always doing flips and trying to do cart wheeles and other little gymnastics things.

What else is new? Nothing really, there is just our daily routine of work, school, sports, sleep. repeat! We are pretty BROKE right now considering school and sports and all of our bills that we have to pay. I REALLY hate not having money in the bank especially if something goes wrong (likkkeee the car breaks down God forbid) I know that if we ever need help we have people to turn to, but those people have already done so much for us whenever we are in need of help (which isn't often but often enough to be recognized)

Oh. Well there is one thing. You all can gasp right now, but no worries, just remember I have my tubes tied. I really really REALLY want another baby! I knew that this day would come when I would regret having my tubes tied. But my husband and I both know that this was for the best interest for not only US but our SIX children we take care of every single day. I mean, I am twenty three years old and I have more children than most 23 year olds would ever dream of having.  But I seriously would NOT have it any other way!

That is all for now folks, thanks for reading.

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