Saturday, July 16, 2011

What is love?

I asked my kids what love meant and got some interesting answers :)

I told Alex I was going to ask him a question and he said.."Is it going to be hard?" haha.

Alexander is 7 years old.

What is love?:
Alex:When people do stuff together. Like you & John.

What kind of stuff?:
Alex:When you go to the zoo with us, and swimming. That means love when you take us places.

Mileys(age 4) take on love:

What is love?
Miley: Um, when people kiss *alex chimes in* Ew!
Miley:Um, when people marry each other.

What does it mean when I say "I love you?"
Miley: It means you miss me

Josephs(who is 4) answer:
What is love?
Joseph: I think I love ants, but no, because they crawl all over me and bite me.
Do you love anything or anyone else:
Joseph:Spiderman, You Mommy, and Gavin, and my Dad, and Megan, David,Emma, and Miley, and Aiden, and Alex.

Aidens(who is 4) answer:

What is love?
Aiden: Um, when I go to school.

What do you think love means?
Aiden: When we go to Grandma Bessies

Dylans(who is 2) answer:
What is love?
Dylan:  (dylan hugged me when I asked him the question)
Thank you Dylan, I love you too. What is love?
Dylan: Cheese. (hahaha)

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