Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard blues

Here it is late Thursday morning and I thought I would write a blog. I don't know if I have anything that is worth writing about or anyone to read about but I figured what the hay...Might as well let some of my thoughts out since I have not a thing better to do.

So there has not been school since Monday. This blizzard or whatever you want to call it started Tuesday afternoon so they canceled school all together. I haven't been out of the house since Monday afternoon and I seriously feel like I am losing my mind. We stocked up on groceries and things and prepared for the worst. Thank God that we did that and didn't blow it off like a few people I know did. Yesterday Patrick took the 3 kids for the day so that kind of gave not only myself a break but all of the kids a break from each other. 5 kids under the age of 8 it gets pretty crazy around here. I'm just glad that he lives in Knoxville for the time being otherwise they would have been stuck here again.... So I was really glad and thankful for that.

In the meantime I have realized that the children have tested my patience. The time out chair has gotten a lot of use, there has only been one good argument between J and I, and I have only had a few contractions.

Although, I feel like this snow in has made me learn more about the children..and they have learned new things being shut in. Joey knows how to spell his name first and last...Aidens speech has slightly improved (and I also have been thinking about some things with him but that's for another time) and Dylan's vocabulary has expanded so greatly I am in such awe...We have learned that Miley IS in fact the queen of the pack and Alexander is our super speller. J quizzed him just the other day on several words and he knew them all....He's ready for a spelling bee :)

That doesn't change the fact they are driving me nuts...But I will take the good with the bad.

aaaannnddd H ELLO!!!! My baby that is causing me so much discomfort is going to be here in THIRTEEN DAYS! I am like seriously...oh-em-geeing here. I'm not so much panicking for things we need because I just ordered his bed set and it should be here the day before he is born at the latest (crossing my fingers that it comes before that) and also my Grandma ordered the car seat online that we wanted (so happy) and those were the two main things we needed. I am very happy. His room is almost done (we are waiting for the weekend) and the boys rooms are almost done (again, waiting for the weekend) and then we should be set.

I am considering taking some of my laundry that seems to never diminish to a family members house so there will at least a smaller amount of laundry when the baby comes home that I could do while I am recovering from surgery. It's all a  process. 13 days we will be going from 5 to 6 and I could not be more scared but excited!

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